Absorbent Pads

What are they?
Absorbant pads are fast acting, highly absorbent and the most cost effective absorbant, retaining their strength even when wet. Absorbant pads are not only an excellent item to help supplement our Spill Kits and Absorbent Stations they are also an ideal solution to the regular maintenance and soaking up of small spills and leaks in the workplace.

Use individually or use a dozen at a time to put on patches of spilt oil or under leaky machinery.

Absorbent pads come in General Purpose, Oil Only and Chemical formats.

Featured Product

General Purpose Absorbent Pads
40cm x 50cm pad
100 per pack
Supplied Polybagged
Will absorb 85 Litres
Universal Absorbent Pads. Dimple pattern on the pad speeds the absorbency of liquid throughout the pad for a faster and easier cleanup.
GB100 absorbent pads are ideal for catching drips of leaky machinery or soaking up spills around the shopfloor. Supplied in polybag to help protect the absorbent pads from getting dirty.