Absorbent Rolls

What they are?
Absorbent Rolls are perforated to make them a highly versatile absorbent which can greatly assist health and safety in the workplace. Absorbent Rolls come as one big continuous roll and individual sheets can be easily torn off at a variety of places allowing the cleanup of a variety of spills of different sizes. Available to fit the Absorbent Station, the Absorbent Rolls can easily be placed in key areas where spills and leaks are a high risk on the shopfloor.

Use individual perforated sheet or use a dozen at a time to put on floor as traffic mat or under leaky machinery.

Absorbent Rolls come in General Purpose, Oil Only and Chemical formats.

Featured Product

General Purpose Absorbent Roll
38cm x 46m Universal Absorbent Roll
1 Roll per pack
Supplied in polybag
Will soak up 57 litres of spilt Oil, Petrol, Diesel or any other spilt or leaking fluid.
Universal Absorbent Roll Matting. Dimple pattern on the roll speeds the absorbency of liquid throughout the roll for a faster and easier cleanup.
Perforated roll is easy to tear to size so you only use what you need in a spill situation.
Absorbent Rolls are ideal for catching drips of leaky machinery or soaking up spills around the shopfloor aswell as covering large areas and soaking up leaks and overspray.
Supplied in polybag to help protect the absorbent roll from getting dirty before use.