Absorbent Socks

What they are?
Absorbent socks are specially designed absorbents which can be used as barriers or a berm during a spill, retaining their strength even when wet. Can be placed easily around the bottom of machines or into gaps and runners to absorb or catch leaks.

Use individually to sit round the base of a leaky bit of machinery or use a few to act as a containment dam round a puddle of oil etc. Pads can then be placed onto the puddle to soak it up.

Absorbent Socks come in General Purpose, Oil Only and Chemical formats.

Featured Product

General Purpose Absorbent Socks
8cm x 1.2m sock
20 per pack
Supplied Polybagged
Will absorb 70 Litres
Universal Absorbent Socks. Highly flexible Sock that fits around the base of machines or in tight spaces to stop leaks at the source. Absorbent Socks are ideal for stopping that initial spill from spreading or to place around a spill.
Use as a temporary bund around leaky machinery or vehicles. Supplied in polybag to help protect the absorbent socks from getting dirty before use.