Oil Absorbents

oil-absorbents Censol provide a wide range of absorbent products in a variety of styles and sizes, suitable for all types of liquid spills. We provide products for use in chemical and oil spillage areas, as well as a general purpose selection for use in many spills including oils and solvents.

The Censol Absorbents range consists of:
Absorbent Pads
Absorbent Socks
Absorbent Rolls
Absorbent Booms
Absorbent Cushions
Spill Kits
Other Absorbents

Censol general purpose absorbents are designed for use in many spills such solvents, oils, coolants, cutting fluids and common liquids. They are not suitable for use with aggressive chemicals.

Censol oil only absorbents are oil selective and are able to remove and contain oil based liquids from water. They act quickly and are suitable for use with all fuels and hydrocarbons, with the added bonus of being suitable for outdoor use. Censol oil absorbents are available in a variety of different formats, each being designed to enhance spill containment and management, whilst enabling pollution control.

oil-absorbents Censol chemical absorbents are designed to be used in situations where caustics, acids, solvents, oils, fuels and common fluid spills have occurred. They are bright yellow in colour to be easily identified in case of emergency, as well as ensuring they are suitable for the fluid to which they will be applied.

To compliment the range of Absorbents Censol also provide Drain Protection (Spill Berms, Plug Rugs, Drain Covers etc) and Other Absorbents (Marine Booms, Land Booms, Absorbent Cushions, Disposal Bags etc). To remove stubborn Oil stains from hard surfaces Censol provide a range of Bio Oil Removers and Degreasers in trigger spray and concentrate formats.

Everyone agrees that Oil Absorbents are a good idea and that they work. The problem is, if you can't locate your absorbents or your spill kits are empty you could end up with a major problem.

Having Absorbent Stations strategically placed around the workshop is the solution. Instantly you know where your absorbents are. Quite simply our unique Absorbent Station gives you peace of mind knowing that: All your absorbents, are in the right place, at the right time, all of the time.

Censol provides a complete range of absorbent booms, pillows, rolls, socks and pads to enable users to deal with commonly-occurring spills in different situations. All Censol absorbent products can be quickly deployed and incredibly easy to use. They are cost effective and require no specialist equipment making them ideal in environmental and industrial applications where low cost and high absorbency are essential.

If you have a fluid and are not sure what absorbent to use please click here and check our selection guide. Also check to see How Absorbents fair under testing

Featured Products

General Purpose Absorbent Pads
40cm x 50cm pad
100 per pack
Supplied Polybagged
Will absorb 85 Litres
Universal Absorbent Pads. Dimple pattern on the pad speeds the absorbency of liquid throughout the pad for a faster and easier cleanup.

General Purpose Absorbent Socks
8cm x 1.2m sock
20 per pack
Supplied Polybagged
Will absorb 70 Litres
Universal Absorbent Socks. Highly flexible Sock that fits around the base of machines or in tight spaces to stop leaks at the source.

General Purpose Absorbent Roll
38cm x 46m Universal Absorbent Roll
1 Roll per pack
Supplied in polybag
Will soak up 57 litres of spilt Oil, Petrol, Diesel or any other spilt or leaking fluid.
Universal Absorbent Roll Matting. Dimple pattern on the roll speeds the absorbency of liquid throughout the roll for a faster and easier cleanup.