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Paper Products
We provide a comprehensive range of paper products designed to deliver quality and value for money. We stock a variety of paper goods for whatever your business requires. The range includes: Centre Feed Rolls, Hand Towels, Roll Towels and Floorstand Rolls. Most are available in a one or two ply format. We can also supply an equivalent dispenser for each paper product.

A vast range of Aerosols are available for nearly every industrial, engineering and cleaning task. These can be broke down into 5 different categories; Electronic Aerosols, Mould Release & Silicone Sprays, Janitorial Aerosols, Maintenance Aerosols and Linemarkers & Aerosol paints.

PPE and Gloves
Censol provide a full range of PPE (Personal Preotection Equipment) including: Disposable Coveralls, Micromax Coveralls, Plastic Aprons, Overshoes and Safety Glasses.

We also carry a huge range of Safety gloves and hand protection including: Soft Vinyl Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Polythene Forecourt Gloves, Rubber Gloves, Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves, Cotton Chrome Leather Gloves, Leather Rigger Gloves, Stockinette Gloves, Criss Cross Gloves, Gristle Gloves and Heavy Duty Rubber Gauntlets.

First Aid
Comprehensive range of First Aid products including: HSE First Aid Kit (10, 20 and 50 person kit), First Aid Kit Station Board, Fabric Plasters, Washprof Plasters, Blue Plasters (For Food Safe Areas), Eyewash Bottles (20ml pods, 150ml bottles and 500ml bottles), Dressings, Sterile Dressings, Antiseptic Moist Wipes, Lifeway Resuscitator, Censorb Body Fluid Absorbent Granules and Accident Book (Fully HSE Compliment).

To make the 'One Stop Shop' system available, Censol now do a range of Solvents, Cleaning and Degreasing Chemicals, Floor Cleaning products, Hand soaps and Refuse and Polythene Sacks.

If you would like any other information or technical data or CHIP / Health and Safety Data Sheets for any of the above please do not hesitate to contact us

Featured Products

Floorstand Wiping Rolls 2ply
2 per pack
1000 Sheets per roll
Good quality wiping paper on a big 1000 roll. Can be put on a desktop or floorstand dispenser

Eyewash Station
Wall mountable Eyewash Station to hold 2 x 500ml bottles of eyewash fluid
Eyewash Stations
Complete with 2 bottles of Eyewash