Wipemaster Wet Wipes

The Wipemaster Wet Wipes brand
The Wipemaster range of Wet Wipes combine technology in both advanced wiping and safe chemicals. The bucket dispensing system ensures a clean wipe ready for instant use making containers of harmful solvents and chemicals a thing of the past.

Each 10 litre bucket contains low linting non woven wipes (Fully Rolls-Royce Approved and Airbus Spec) impregnated with a special aqueous based blend of solvents and cleaning fluids for the removal of grease, grime and marking inks from all metal and composite surfaces. Using Wipemaster Wet wipes removes the need for bulk chemicals to be used on the shopfloor and helps comply with local authority and ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

User friendly and environmentally responsible wet wipe for today's modern workplace

A clean uncontaminated wipe is available everytime it is needed and is always ready to use.

Reduce VOC's...
Low lint wiper impregnated with sufficient safe chemical removing need for bulk solvents

Slow evaporation and no spillages ensure VOC levels are kept to the absolute minimum. Therefore by replacing the more traditional cleaners and degreasers and rags used with these solvents you can be sure that you are making a huge contribution towards complying with current legislation with regards to health, safety and environmental requirements.

Impregnated Wet Wipes offer the control of a measured amount of chemical pre mixed onto a industry approved low lint non-woven material ready for use. Impregnated Wet Wipe technology is now proving to be the only sure way to provide the end user with a consistent quality product combined with approved formulation technology.

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What Are They?

History of Wet Wipes
The requirement and need for impregnated Wet Wipes was first recognised by Censol when Baby Wipes appeared in the 1980's. Industry began to accept that Wet Wipes could offer significant benefits when working in a 'clean as you work' format. In conjunction with this, the advent of the Health & Safety at Work Act, C.0.S.H.H., H.A.C.C.P. and C.H.l.P. regulations all moved towards the safer handling and use of Chemicals.

Why Wet Wipes Work
Impregnated Wet Wipes offer the control of an in-built measured amount of chemical pre mixed onto a Low lint non-woven wipe ready for use. Impregnated Wet Wipes technology is now proving so specialised that for the majority of chemical distributors, the only sure way to consistent quality and proven formulations is to buy in Wet Wipe format.

Apart from Spillages, Censol identified there are three other concerns when using MEK, Acetone and other Bulk Chemicals; firstly, operator error resulting in incorrect dilutions, secondly, poor hygiene with dirty containers or soiled cloths being used and thirdly the fact that these dangerous hazardous solvents are classed as flammable.

With this in mind Censol designed and manufactured a premimum Wet Wipe bucket that quickly gained Rolls-Royce approval. The Wipes are still made at Censol and to the same high standard using Low Linting Non woven Wipng roll and a blend of safe chemical.