Absorbents - Products designed to soak up spilt liquids.
Absorbent Pads - Square absorbent material (usally 50cm x 40cm) that can soak up Oils, Fuels, Chemicals and other liquids.
Absorbent Socks - 1.2m long sausage shape absorbent that comes in general purpose, chemical or oil only soak up capibilities. Can be fitted snug around base of machine.
Absorbent Rolls - Can be rolled out like a protective carpet or ripped of and used like the pads.
Absorbent Stations - Custom designed storage unit to keep all your absorbant products in the right place, at the right time, all of the time.
Aerosol - Gas propelled dispenser for many diffrent products
Aerosol Linemarkers - Line making product for grass or car parks etc in a handy aerosol design.


Bunds - Large container designed to capture any spilt liquids.
Barrel Roll - Another name for Centre Feed or Centre Pull Rolls.
Bunded Pallet - Container as big and same size as a wooden pallet designed to capture spills or drips of the drum or IBC placed onto it.


C Fold - Describes a format of a Paper hand towel - literally means that the individual hand towel is in a C shape.
C-Glass - Censol own formula of non smear glass cleaner.
Centre Feeds - Paper roll designed to be put in dispenser and then the paper is pulled out from the centre of the roll
Chemical Absorbents - Absorbent Pads, Socks, Mats and Rolls specifically designed to soak up chemicals, coolants and other hazardous liquids. Yellow in colour to point out the hazardous liquids that are being cleaned up.
Chemical Spill Kits - Spillage Kits containing everything you need to contain and clean up a Chemical spill.
Colour Coded Mops/Buckets - Mops and Buckets in various colours so you can allocate different colours to different areas of the workplace e.g red for the kitchen area and yellow for the toilet areas.
Containment - Products designed to contain liquids if a spill of any kind occurs.


Degreasers - Specialised Chemicals or Solvents designed to degrease different surfaces and materials. Can come in different formats including bulk liquid or wet wipe.
Drain Protection - As the Environmental Agency is now clamping down no chemicals, solvents, oils or other harmful liquid can now be poured intentionally or spilt accidentlly down normal water drains. To help prevent this Censol provide Drain protection products to help these liquids getting into the drains in and around the workplace.


Eyewash - Eyewash bottles and pods are kept near machinery or just at spaced intervals around a workplace where any kind of foreign object may enter someones eyes. The eyewash fluid then may be used as an initial procedure before any further medical assistance is called upon.
Empty Containers - 1 litre trigger sprayers, 5 litres and 25 litre plastic re-useable containers.


First Aid - Products as in First Aid Kits, Plasters, Dressings, Eyewash
Floorstand Rolls - Larger version of a Centre Feed used on a floorstand dispenser and does not pull from middle.


Graffiti Removal - Chemical, Wet Wipes and Aerosol products designed to completley remove Graffiti from most surfaces.
General Purpose Absorbents - Absorbents (Pads, Mats, Rolls and Socks) that will soak up any liquid.
General Purpose Spill Kits - Moveable Spillage Kits that can be used to soakup spillages of any kind. Be it Oil, Fuels, Chemicals, Coolants, Blood, Water etc. 


Hand Towels - the traditional paper hand towel made famous by lotus and tork comes in different colours (green, blue and white) and in different formats (c-fold, z-fold and interleaved) Dispensers are also available.
Handy Tub - Same format Wet wipes as the Wipemaster range but smaller in size (150 sheets per tub)
Hooded Coveralls - Disposable full body protection body suit
Hygiene Rolls - Also known as Couch rolls. Placed on top of examination beds as a a disposable cover. Used in the Pyshiotherapy, Doctors, Vets and Beauty industries.


Interleaved Paper Hand Towels - A format of disposable hand towels.
IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) - Isopropyl alcohol solvent. Quick evaporation formula makes it ideal for cleaning delicate and intricate metal surfaces.


Jumbo Toilet Rolls - Large Toilet roll that fits in a special dispenser. 300 metres of perforated paper on each roll. Idal for toilets that have alot of visitors as the rolls don't have to be changed so often.6 in a box.
Janitorials - Term used to describe products a Janitor or Caretaker might use.  Products range from Cleaning products, Brushes, Black Sacks to Mops and Buckets


Latex Gloves - Disposable throw away gloves.
Linemarkers - Line making Aerosol paints as used on Car parks, grass or road markings by the Highway agency. 100 in a box.
Low Lint (Linting) Wipers - Specialised Roll and quarterfold wipers. Deisgned and made so virtually no lint (tiny fibres) comes of the wipe and on to whatever you are wiping down.


Mini Centre Feeds - Like a traditional Centre feed roll but smaller in size and usually about 135 metres long. 12 in a pack.
Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls - Same as a Jumbo Toilet Roll but slightly smaller, usually about 150 metres long. 12 rolls in a pack.
Moist Wet Wipes - another name for wet wipes.


Nitrile Gloves - Disposable examination glove usually blue in colour but can come in green. Can be used instead of Latex (in case of allergies)
Non Wovens - Term for specialist wipers and wiping products. Term comes from the way the wiping roll is manufactured and the way the cloth is made. Non Wovens are used in industries that require low linting applications such as the Aerospace and Printing trade. 


Oil Absorbents - Products designed to soak up or act as a barrier against spilt oils and petrols.
Oil Only Absorbents - Absorbant products specifically designed to soak up only Oil. Even if there is a spot of oil in a puddle of water the Oil Only Absorbent product (sock, pad or mat) will only soak up the Oil and leave the water.
Oil Only Spill Kits - Full range of Oil Only Spill Kits with the same uses as Oil Only Absorbents.


Pallets (spill) - Containment storage pallet. Safe and stable pallet to keep drums and barrels upon. Will catch any liquids spilt if an accident occurs.
Paper Disposables - Term used to describle the product range of disposable paper. Such as Centre feeds, Hand towels, roll towels, couch rolls and any other product that is used once and thrown away.
Pocket Rocket - Multi use aerosol spray and is similar equivalent to WD-40 spray.


Quarterfold Wipers - Low lint or non woven wipes that come in a quarterfold format as oppesed to on a roll. Literally a wipe that is folded in half and then half again. Usually comes in little polywrapped bags of 40 or 50 wipes that can be left around the shopfloor or on a workbench.


Rolls - format of toilet rolls or wiping roll such as centre feeds. Literally hundreds of sheets rolled on to a core.
Roll Towels - Also known as couch rolls or hygiene rolls as used on Doctors examination tables or vets tables.


Storage - Spill storage for solvents or harmful chemicals or any other liquids that may need to be captured if spilt.
Silicone Spray - A highly efficient mould release agent suitable for a wide variety of uses
Spill Kits - Portable spillage kits containing everything you need to soak up and contain a fluid spillage.
Spill Containment - Products such as bunds, spill pallets, trolleys and IBC bunding to act as a secondary containment to catch any spills.
Superflats - Also known as Bulk paper toilet tissue. Different to a Roll, as the sheets of paper (1ply or 2ply) are stacked on top of each other then placed into a Bulk pack tissue dispenser.


Tork - Famous brand of Paper disposables (Swedish word for Paper)
Trolleys - Spill trolleys are wheeled carriers to transprts barrels and drums around. Designed to catch any spilt liquids.
Tub Wipes - another name for Wet Wipes.
Tuf- Censol brand of Low linting, anti-static non woven wiper roll. Used throughout some of the biggest Aerospace and Engineering companies in the UK.


Uniwipe - Censol brand of tough non woven product available in roll or quarterfold format.
Universal Absorbents - Another name for General Purpose Absorbents.
Under Machine Absorbents - Absorbent socks and pads that can be fitted snuggly under a leaking machine to catch any dripping oils or coolants.


Wet Wipes - Tub or bucket full of disposable pre moistend wipes.
Wipes - Term used to describe quarterfold or roll colth wiping products.
White Wype - Censol brand of Wipers now replaced by the Wipemaster range.
Wipe Away - Censol brand of Wipers now replaced by the Wipemaster range.
Wipemaster - Censol brand of Bucket Wet Wipes.
Workfloors - Large area of containment set out on the floor to work upon. Catches all major and minor spills.


Yellow Absorbents - Brightly coloured absorbent products usually specifically designed to absorb spilt chemicals. Yellow in colour to highlight the hazard.


  • Oil Absorbents
    Absorbent pads, socks, rolls, cushions, booms and spill kits
  • Absorbent Stations
    Unique managed system for all your oil absorbant and wipers
  • Spill Kits
    Emergency kits for small leaks to 1000L spills
  • Spill Containment
    Bunded drums, IBC pallets, Bunded trays and workfloors
  • Drain Protection
    Spill Berms, Drain covers to comply with legislation
  • Training
    Training DVD for how to use Oil Absorbents and Spill Kits
  • Low Lint Wipers
    Low Lint wipers for Aerospace and Engineering industry
  • Wipemaster Wet Wipes
    Leading brand of Aerospace approved Wet Wipes and low linting dry wiper products
  • Other Products
    Solvents, Chemicals, Paper products, Aerosols and PPE