How Oil Absorbents faired under testing

These products supplied by Censol, known as oil absorbent pads, rolls, socks and booms (also available in portable spill kit form).

Oil Absorbents have been on the market for a long time so we thought it was time to show you how well they work.

We approached this test from the point of view of the typical boater who has the problem of oil in the bilge. To solve it, you could go to the marine supply store for a product that will separate the oil from your bilge water and allow you to legally dispose of each.

The Testing
We conducted two test series in simulated conditions using a set procedure. It consisted of 2 numbered plastic trays of uniform size intended to replicate a patch of water.

We assigned a oil absorbent sock to one tray and oil absorbent pad to the other tray into which we poured 2 litres of fresh water.

In the first round of testing we used fresh 10w-40 motor oil and dumped half a litre into each tray. The objective was to see how each product would handle a accidental spill within a given time.

The Summary
Only after a few minutes both the oil absorbents sock and oil absorbents pad visibly started absorbing the oil from the trays. After 20 minutes both the sock and pad had clearly absorbed most of the oil from the trays.

In general, all the censol products we tested do the job they are made for, some faster than others and some more complete absorption of oil compared to the rest.

But rest assured the oil absorbent range do work and can help make your workplace or wherever you have a leak/spill a safer place.

The oil absorbents pads absorbed the oil from the tray quickly down to the fact of its large surface area making it ideal for emergency spills and where the leak or spill has to be absorbed and cleaned up quickly.

The oil absorbents sock on the other hand did not absorb the oil as quick as the pad but it did absorb more oil making it a brilliant product where there is a larger spill of oil.

Featured Products

General Purpose Absorbent Pads
40cm x 50cm pad
100 per pack
Supplied Polybagged
Will absorb 85 Litres
Universal Absorbent Pads. Dimple pattern on the pad speeds the absorbency of liquid throughout the pad for a faster and easier cleanup.
GB100 absorbent pads are ideal for catching drips of leaky machinery or soaking up spills around the shopfloor. Supplied in polybag to help protect the absorbent pads from getting dirty.

General Purpose Absorbent Socks
8cm x 1.2m sock
20 per pack
Supplied Polybagged
Will absorb 70 Litres
Universal Absorbent Socks. Highly flexible Sock that fits around the base of machines or in tight spaces to stop leaks at the source. fore use.