What Are Low Lint Wipes?

What are they?
Low lint wipers are basically a wiping roll or box of wipes that have low linting properties and are usually made of a non woven material. In other words NOT PAPER! A non woven can be made from a mixture of Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET), Polyamide being hydro entangled, Cellulose, Latex, Polyester, Woodpulp and Viscose fibre

Why Low Linting is important?
Low Lint Wipers are important for cleaning instrument parts, printer components or wherever critical cleaning is required within the Aerospace or Engineering industry. The low lint and (lack of tiny hair) characteristics help with non-contaminating to allow either dry or solvent cleaning without depositing cloth residue on sensitive surfaces. The actual pattern of the finished wipe, designed for particle entrapment, allows small particles of dust, grit and dirt to fall from contact surfaces into the wipe. This helps ensures scratch free wiping.

Features and Benefits of our Wipers
Our Non wovens exhibit great absorbency and wet strength to meet the needs of todays wiping tasks. They can be used either for cleaning, as they are chemically resistant to most cleaning agents, or for general wiping purposes. The Censol range of non woven wipes offers the end user a bulky wipe, low lint, good wet and dry strength plus high absorbtion rates. In fact a wiper for any industrial wiping task.

Solvent resistant Censol Non woven wipes can be used for a variety of applications from mopping up spillages in a food preparation area to critical wiping in a lab or engineering environment.

The brands below are just a small sample of wipers that we can provide. To see the entire range of wipes please click on the brand of your choice: Wipemaster®, Dupont™ Sontara®, Tork®, Chicopee® and Kimberly Clark®

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